2 lb. Brick. * popular with private chefs *

2 lb. Brick. * popular with private chefs *

  Our 2 lb. Brick 

NEVER powdered or pill forms, our Spirulina is delivered in its purest and most potent state, ensuring maximum nutritional benefits.
We insure our guarantee for all our Los Angeles city deliveries free with all purchases over $50 

We wholesale at 2 pounds / 5 pounds/ 10 pounds . We are crusaders for fresh spirulina . We have our prices lower than any of our competitors and within compare to powder spirulina.

**Allow us to help you expand your Farmers Market business.

**Elevate your culinary creations.

** Juice Bars , "Yes, our spirulina is Fresh not powder" to your new customers.

 Enhance your well-being with the superior quality and service of West Coast Spiralina's raw Greenhouse fresh Super Food.

2 pounds

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